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Pregnancy is such a magical time of change, anticipation and excitement. Nine months really do flash past, and you will quickly have your little one in your arms.  The wait before your baby arrives is special and you will love to look back on this time and see how your body changed as it nurtured your child as she grew. It is an honour to  be a maternity photographer and capture memories of this important stage of your life. Portraits can be of mama on her own, with your partner or including siblings too.Your maternity session is best scheduled between your 32nd and 36th week of pregnancy, when you have a nice round bump and still comfortable to move around. If you are expecting twins (or more), or are likely to have your baby early, we might decide to schedule your maternity photographs around 28 to 30 weeks. You can choose to reveal as much or as little of your bump as you want to – some expectant mummies want to show a silhouette, whereas others like to reveal all! Whatever you decide, your images will reflect your personality, show your excitement and help you to record and enjoy this special time.


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